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Announcement! Umbra: Ghost Stories of Visagros

Umbra: Ghost Stories of Visagros is a combination of adventure card game and gamebook set in a world of gothic horror and fantasy for one player. You will create and customize your own character and explore an open world, completing quests and growing along the way. Your goal is to earn enough Reputation, through good…

My (Late) Journey into Legend of the Five Rings (Review?)

I grew up playing collectible card games, mostly Magic: The Gathering and the Lord of the Rings TCG, but I also tried out others and collected a few. Legend of the Five Rings was one I had simply never crossed paths with. I heard about it years later while it was still under AEG, but…

Catching up on Games (3/25/23)

Here are the games I’ve played this past month plus a bonus. Rurik: Dawn of Kiev Played our first (and probably last) 3-player game. The map was nice and open, but my brother didn’t like the main action board. Still, it was nice getting to try it 3-player. Guess it’s back to 2-player only for…

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