Current Projects

  • Winds of the North, a solo Viking gamebook, featuring sandbox and survival gameplay. Harvest Moon meets Barbarian Prince.

For playtesting or critique partnering, email me at thomask451@yahoo.com

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Board Game Session Report: Railways of Nippon, Tokaido + Crossroads Expansion

I’m behind again on posts, in large part due to Final Fantasy XIV. But let’s talk board games! We’ve recently had to go back into partial lockdown while waiting for boosters for the more vulnerable people in our house, but prior to that, we played Railways of Nippon (a stand-alone release in the Railways ofContinue reading “Board Game Session Report: Railways of Nippon, Tokaido + Crossroads Expansion”

Donations Return

Donations had apparently been broken (and the company never emailed me). They are back on!

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Your contribution is appreciated.

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