Winds of the North Preview 2: Time and Seasons

Winds of the North is an upcoming solo Viking gamebook. It features sandbox gameplay with a mix of adventure and farm management. Each week, until open playtesting begins, I’ll be sharing a preview of the mechanics and features. Catch up on past articles:AnnouncementPreview 1: Core Mechanism Sign-up for the mailing list! The passing of timeContinue reading “Winds of the North Preview 2: Time and Seasons”

Valheim Part 3

Part 1Part 2 The Plains I really enjoyed the new enemy types and how differently they all felt, even the types of fulings. It kept the combat and exploration feeling varied. I especially liked the challenge of approaching fuling villages. Again, the atmosphere of the biome and the renewed use for old materials were bothContinue reading “Valheim Part 3”

Updates: 3-21-2021

Reviews Latest review was Trollslayer, book 1 in the Gotrek & Felix series. I have a thing for starting series that I don’t own everything for, but at least for the Gotrek & Felix series, I have several omnibuses with 3 novels each. On top of that, I’ve started The Last Kingdom, book 1 inContinue reading “Updates: 3-21-2021”

Book Review: Gotrek and Felix Book 1 — Trollslayer by William King

10/10 Enthralling fantasy action and adventure from one of my favorite settings. Gotrek Gurnisson was somewhere in his past shamed for a crime he refuses to speak of. To atone for this crime, he has taken on the life of a Slayer, dwarven warriors who seek a glorious death in battle. His human companion, FelixContinue reading “Book Review: Gotrek and Felix Book 1 — Trollslayer by William King”


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