Updates: 3-14-2022

It’s been I think a year since I last did a proper update post on the website. I had gotten into a nice rhythm of board game posts, reviews, and design updates. But there are a few things that I thought would be worth bringing up. Book Reviews I haven’t done one of these inContinue reading “Updates: 3-14-2022”

Short story “The Knight of Dreams” and a look at “In Dreams” (a solitaire journaling RPG)

I wrote a short story, The Knight of Dreams, and you can read the free PDF below. Journaling Games In the wide world of RPGs, there is a huge variety of games and things that question the definition of a game. Journaling RPGs, as they’re called, are the latter. They’re typically solitaire and instead ofContinue reading “Short story “The Knight of Dreams” and a look at “In Dreams” (a solitaire journaling RPG)”

Winds of the North v0.8.2 Development Update

After further playtesting and getting some very valuable feedback, I’ve been back to making changes, applying fixes, and adding things for v0.8.2. The next update will be focused on balance changes and some re-organization. None of the mechanics are getting an overhaul this time. Exploration One of the biggest changes is how Exploration Encounters areContinue reading “Winds of the North v0.8.2 Development Update”


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