Book Review: “The Queen of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock

7/10 Fun new characters and adventures but a little rushed The Queen of the Swords¬†is the second book in the Corum series, continuing Corum’s adventures as he battles the gods of chaos. After defeating Lord Arioch and restoring a fragment of order to the world, Corum is faced with growing dangers as the remaining SwordContinue reading “Book Review: “The Queen of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock”

Board Game Review: The Castles of Burgundy

8/10 A classic strategy game of satisfying mechanisms I have played at 2 and 3 players, mostly 2. This classic, designed by Stefan Feld and published by Ravensburger and Alea in 2011, sets you in 15th century France in the Loire Valley as princes of growing estates. Your goal is to develop your lands withContinue reading “Board Game Review: The Castles of Burgundy”

Gamebook vs solo RPG

I’ve been working on a gamebook for over a year (almost 2?), and I recently participated in the 24-hour RPG design contest on RPGGeek, my entry being a solo RPG called Premonitions. The contest is almost over, but I’ve been thinking about the system I created and how it might be applied to other themes.Continue reading “Gamebook vs solo RPG”

Book Review: “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick

10/10 Perhaps not perfect but a personal favorite In a war-torn world, Rick Deckard is a bounty hunter; his target: androids that have illegally arrived on Earth. These androids, a new advanced variety, are so difficult to tell from humans that some question who are the “andys” and who the humans? Story Philip K. DickContinue reading “Book Review: “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick”