Board Game Session Report: Railways of Nippon, Tokaido + Crossroads Expansion

I’m behind again on posts, in large part due to Final Fantasy XIV. But let’s talk board games! We’ve recently had to go back into partial lockdown while waiting for boosters for the more vulnerable people in our house, but prior to that, we played Railways of Nippon (a stand-alone release in the Railways ofContinue reading “Board Game Session Report: Railways of Nippon, Tokaido + Crossroads Expansion”

Board Game Sessions and First Impressions: DinoGenics (+expansion) and Kanban EV

I’m behind on posts due to extra work the past couple of weeks. Recently, we played DinoGenics with the expansion (Controlled Chaos) and then Kanban EV. DinoGenics + Controlled Chaos I’ve previously reviewed the base game, which, in short, is fun but nothing unique. The theme really helps it stand out. So we were reallyContinue reading “Board Game Sessions and First Impressions: DinoGenics (+expansion) and Kanban EV”

Board Game Review: Merchant of Venus

7/10 A classic pick-up-and-deliver game that runs long I’ve played at 2 and 3 player. Given its length, I wouldn’t recommend 4 players. The original Merchant of Venus, a sci-fi game about exploring and trading goods between different planets and systems, came out in 1988 and gained something of a small but very dedicated fanbase.Continue reading “Board Game Review: Merchant of Venus”

Board Game First Impressions: Bärenpark

Somewhere along the way, polyomino tiles became a big rage in board games. No one even used the word “polyomino” beforehand, it was covered in dust in a forgotten corner of the English language. Now, there are several good options for these kinds of tile-laying games, both light and heavy. Bärenpark is extremely light. There’sContinue reading “Board Game First Impressions: Bärenpark”

Board Game Sessions and First Impressions: Lost Ruins of Arnak and Formosa Tea

Wednesday was supposed to be a game day, but I was sick and stayed home. This was the perfect opportunity for the other two to play space games without me, but they instead played the game I chose to play next! So Thursday ended up being our real game day. This was our first in-personContinue reading “Board Game Sessions and First Impressions: Lost Ruins of Arnak and Formosa Tea”

Board Game Session Report and First Impressions: Terraforming Mars (+expansions), SpaceCorp, Parks

This week is a big game week for my group. We played Saturday and Monday, and we’ll return for Wednesday and Thursday and probably next Saturday as well. This is part 1 of our gaming block, Saturday and Monday. To help us narrow games down, we’ve begun using a system for picking and learning gamesContinue reading “Board Game Session Report and First Impressions: Terraforming Mars (+expansions), SpaceCorp, Parks”

Board Game First Impressions: Yokohama

Yokohama is a game I’ve had my eyes on since it came out, but it’s never been in the budget to get. Recently, it was added to Board Game Arena to play online. My friend and I gave it a whirl and enjoyed it. The second time we played was with two strangers. Three ofContinue reading “Board Game First Impressions: Yokohama”

First Impressions: Mosaic

Mosaic is a civilization game by Glenn Drover and Forbidden Games currently on Kickstarter. My friend and I are very much into the theme of civ games, and this one is centered on the Mediterranean, giving it a more unique feel than most other civ games. And it has a sort of card drafting/engine buildingContinue reading “First Impressions: Mosaic”

Session Report: Stars Wars Outer Rim

My brother and I like a variety of games, and one type we look for is good sandbox-y adventure games. We have a few but have also passed on some. The genre is full of sloppy concepts. Though I really like Merchants & Marauders, it can be brutal. When Outer Rim was announced, I wasContinue reading “Session Report: Stars Wars Outer Rim”

Session Report/First Impression: Yedo Deluxe

Years ago, I bought the original Yedo first edition from Pandasaurus and Eggertspiele. I didn’t get to play it much because my brother didn’t like how difficult the game was. I finally got to play more when we started playing with a regular group (which is just 3 of us most of the time). IContinue reading “Session Report/First Impression: Yedo Deluxe”