Book Review: The October Country by Ray Bradbury

8/10 A few lows hold back this series of otherwise masterful short stories The October Country collects morbid and dark short stories set around many of life’s mysteries from creepy neighbors to the creeping dead. Story The stories in The October Country are mostly horror and fantastical, though a couple of them are a bitContinue reading “Book Review: The October Country by Ray Bradbury”

Board Game Session Report: Runebound 2nd Edition (solo)

I’ve never done a comprehensive review for Runebound 2nd Edition, but I’ll probably make one soon. It’ll be long and rambly, for sure, because this is still my favorite board game after a good 10 years in the hobby. And part of that is because I’ve used it as a design playground, making and tryingContinue reading “Board Game Session Report: Runebound 2nd Edition (solo)”

My Experience with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

No story spoilers I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and my recent go-to stress relief has been FFXIV. It’s hard to say if this is a review. MMOs have always been difficult to review because, by design, they can be played for hundreds of hours that can eventually turn into thousands of hours.Continue reading “My Experience with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn”

Book Review: Gotrek and Felix Book 1 — Trollslayer by William King

10/10 Enthralling fantasy action and adventure from one of my favorite settings. Gotrek Gurnisson was somewhere in his past shamed for a crime he refuses to speak of. To atone for this crime, he has taken on the life of a Slayer, dwarven warriors who seek a glorious death in battle. His human companion, FelixContinue reading “Book Review: Gotrek and Felix Book 1 — Trollslayer by William King”

Book Review: The King of the Swords by Michael Moorcock

9/10 A whirlwind climax of old-school epic fantasy After enjoying the peace won by slaying Xiombarg, Corum and his allies are thrust into new uncertainty when a strange madness of anger and hate sweeps through the castle. Are other lands under the same effects? Does it signal the return of chaos? It’s time for CorumContinue reading “Book Review: The King of the Swords by Michael Moorcock”

Book Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

7/10 Masterfully written with some underwhelming characters and story Kote is a humble innkeeper in an out-of-the-way town called Newarre. But he hides a very old secret; he is Kvothe—famous bard, powerful sorcerer, and living legend. Cornered by a chronicler, Kvothe agrees to tell the full story of his life. The story of a youngContinue reading “Book Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss”

Frostgrave Sessions pt 3

Here is the final part in my home-brewed solo campaign of Frostgrave. Some other solo games took my attention, and as the release of Frostgrave’s official solo rules loomed, I decided to shelve mine for the time. Final session of Frostgrave, Feb 2019. Session Report Due to a canceled game session, I had some timeContinue reading “Frostgrave Sessions pt 3”

Frostgrave Sessions pt 2

We continue our low-budget campaign, this time borrowing pieces from a board game, Descent 2nd Edition. I also continue to tweak my home-brewed solo rules. The session from Jan 2019: Back to the frozen city! There were some further updates from last game. I decided to give the magic weapon I found to my wizardContinue reading “Frostgrave Sessions pt 2”

Frostgrave Sessions pt 1

It’s winter (for some of us), and though it’s not snowing, I thought I’d share some Frostgrave session reports. Frostgrave is a skirmish tabletop miniatures game, or specifically, the rules for one, and the second edition came out this year. You can play with any miniatures you own and even your own terrain. Though overContinue reading “Frostgrave Sessions pt 1”

RPG First Impressions: Symbaroum and Mörk Borg

These are two RPGs I’ve tried out in play-by-forum (PBF) and thought to share my first impressions. For the record, I GMed an adventure for Symbaroum and was a player in a premade adventure of Mörk Borg. What is Symbaroum? Symbaroum is set in a dark, gritty fantasy world. It’s by a Swedish company, andContinue reading “RPG First Impressions: Symbaroum and Mörk Borg”