Britains Deetail Medieval Knights

My brother and I recently went digging into a box of very old toys. There were many discoveries, but what stood out to me were these pre-painted plastic minis with green metal bases. They were medieval knights and soldiers and included some horses. After a quick Google search, I found out what they were. BritainsContinue reading “Britains Deetail Medieval Knights”

Board Game First Impressions: AuZstralia

I was interested when this was first released, but the more I play Wallace games, the more interested I am in trying his other titles. The Cthulhu theme has been hit or miss for me. But the way AuZtralia handles it feels very different. The Game Martin Wallace certainly seems to have some hallmarks. TheContinue reading “Board Game First Impressions: AuZstralia”

First Impressions: Valheim

When I started my website, I intended to do more articles on video games, but rarely am I able to play anything new. However, a friend gifted me a copy of Valheim, and I’ve been diving in quite a lot. Valheim is an open-world survival/crafting game with a Viking-inspired setting. Like most games in theContinue reading “First Impressions: Valheim”