Recent Solo Board Games

I haven’t really had time to write up a lot of session reports lately, so here’s a quick look at some recent solo plays I’ve had. Vindication I actually played solitaire before playing multiplayer (didn’t have patience to wait!). I stuck to the simpler solo mode, one of two available in the first expansion. IContinue reading “Recent Solo Board Games”

Board Game First Impressions: Maracaibo & Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles (episode 2)

Maracaibo I’ve never really been drawn to Alexander Pfister games, they always seemed like super dry Euros. Even though they had interesting themes, they didn’t seem to capitalize on those themes. And I was pretty lukewarm on Great Western Trail when we played it, so I hadn’t ever really looked at Maracaibo. But after watchingContinue reading “Board Game First Impressions: Maracaibo & Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles (episode 2)”

Board Game First Impressions: Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles (Episode 1)

When this was originally on crowdfunding, I wasn’t particularly excited by what I saw in episode 1. The theme is cool, but parts of the game are more abstracted than others, and I’ve not been really drawn to Mindlcash before. Their games always seem slightly over-designed and in need of more streamlining. But my friendContinue reading “Board Game First Impressions: Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles (Episode 1)”

Catching up on board games

Though I’ve been playing games, I haven’t had much time to get into impressions, session reports, or reviews. Here are some of the games I’ve been playing. Caverna I’ve played Uwe Rosenberg games before, including Agricola, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to play Caverna (in part because of the high price tag). We’ve playedContinue reading “Catching up on board games”

Winds of the North v0.8.2 Release

After several days of jury duty and other distractions, I’ve been back to Winds of the North to finish the update. Unfortunately, the program I use doesn’t seem to be supported anymore, and there was one bug that was never fixed in the retail version: PDF exports don’t have the text preserved, it gets convertedContinue reading “Winds of the North v0.8.2 Release”

Board Game Session: Untitled Adventure/RPG Card Game Playtest

Due to some technical issues forcing me to wait on finishing the next update to my solo RPG, Winds of the North, I decided to return to working on an adventure card game I’ve been working on (off and on) for almost 4 years. I normally work on an update to the game, playtest itContinue reading “Board Game Session: Untitled Adventure/RPG Card Game Playtest”

Board Game First Impressions: Merchants of the Dark Road

I recently borrowed and played (and opened; it’s a long story) my friend’s copy of MotDR. Played solo and 2-player so far. Unboxing My friend requested that I double-check the components. Everything is accounted for (and 2 extra blue dice!). It’s a bit disappointing that there’s no insert and it only comes with 5 baggies,Continue reading “Board Game First Impressions: Merchants of the Dark Road”

Short story “The Knight of Dreams” and a look at “In Dreams” (a solitaire journaling RPG)

I wrote a short story, The Knight of Dreams, and you can read the free PDF below. Journaling Games In the wide world of RPGs, there is a huge variety of games and things that question the definition of a game. Journaling RPGs, as they’re called, are the latter. They’re typically solitaire and instead ofContinue reading “Short story “The Knight of Dreams” and a look at “In Dreams” (a solitaire journaling RPG)”

Winds of the North v0.8.2 Development Update

After further playtesting and getting some very valuable feedback, I’ve been back to making changes, applying fixes, and adding things for v0.8.2. The next update will be focused on balance changes and some re-organization. None of the mechanics are getting an overhaul this time. Exploration One of the biggest changes is how Exploration Encounters areContinue reading “Winds of the North v0.8.2 Development Update”