Short story “The Knight of Dreams” and a look at “In Dreams” (a solitaire journaling RPG)

I wrote a short story, The Knight of Dreams, and you can read the free PDF below. Journaling Games In the wide world of RPGs, there is a huge variety of games and things that question the definition of a game. Journaling RPGs, as they’re called, are the latter. They’re typically solitaire and instead ofContinue reading “Short story “The Knight of Dreams” and a look at “In Dreams” (a solitaire journaling RPG)”

Beta Reading: “Black Bones”

While waiting for my current submission to get accepted somewhere, I’ve been at work on the next story. It’s a 3900 word horror story. Black Bones Pradip has become focused on all the things he wants, but a neighbor seems to appreciate everything Pradip has. So much so, he’s willing to come back from theContinue reading “Beta Reading: “Black Bones””

Beta Reading: Dusk Comes to Castle Túrrea

I am looking for beta readers for a 3600-word, dark fantasy short story. Dusk Comes to Castle Túrrea Castle Túrrea has guarded the river Wernweg for generations, but the new Herzog might be the last if the dire omens looming over the castle prove to be true. To join in on the beta reading, emailContinue reading “Beta Reading: Dusk Comes to Castle Túrrea”