Book Review: “The Queen of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock

7/10 Fun new characters and adventures but a little rushed The Queen of the Swords is the second book in the Corum series, continuing Corum’s adventures as he battles the gods of chaos. After defeating Lord Arioch and restoring a fragment of order to the world, Corum is faced with growing dangers as the remaining SwordContinue reading “Book Review: “The Queen of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock”

“The Dawnless Valley” Playtests!

I’ve been very busy this past week finishing the current round of edits on my dark fantasy gamebook*, The Dawnless Valley. Hence the lack of reviews and articles. *A gamebook is like a choose-your-own-adventure book but with RPG-like rules and mechanics. Typically, you create and customize your own character, acquire items, and there’s usually someContinue reading ““The Dawnless Valley” Playtests!”

Beta Reading: Dusk Comes to Castle Túrrea

I am looking for beta readers for a 3600-word, dark fantasy short story. Dusk Comes to Castle Túrrea Castle Túrrea has guarded the river Wernweg for generations, but the new Herzog might be the last if the dire omens looming over the castle prove to be true. To join in on the beta reading, emailContinue reading “Beta Reading: Dusk Comes to Castle Túrrea”

Role-playing: Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition

It’s been a busy week, so I don’t have a proper review of anything at the moment. Instead, I figured I’d take a moment to highlight an RPG I enjoy that I’ve been running for almost 2 years. Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer Fantasy started as a tabletop wargame pitching fantasy races against one another. If you’veContinue reading “Role-playing: Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition”

Book/RPG Review: Fabled Lands

7/10 Enjoyable and unique but not without drawbacks. I’ve played bits of book 1-4 in the Java version and books 1-2 in print. Fabled Lands is a series of gamebooks that continue the tradition set by the Fighting Fantasy books of the 80s. For anyone unfamiliar with the term “gamebook” it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure andContinue reading “Book/RPG Review: Fabled Lands”

Board Game Review: Chronicles of Frost

8/10 A game of strong mechanisms, enjoyable, and that appeals to my tastes. Played at 1, 2, and 3 players. Adventure into the frozen lands of Valskyrr where monsters roam and civilization is struggling to hold against the Mists. Chronicles of Frost from NSKN Games is a deck-building adventure game for 1-4 players. Players earnContinue reading “Board Game Review: Chronicles of Frost”

Book Review: “The Knight of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock

8/10 A very enjoyable classic of epic fantasy Corum is the Prince in the Scarlet Robe and belongs to an ancient race of people, the Vadhagh. Tragedy sets him on an epic adventure far from any lands he has ever known—in order to slay a god. The Corum books come from a distant era ofContinue reading “Book Review: “The Knight of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock”