“The Dawnless Valley” Playtests!

I’ve been very busy this past week finishing the current round of edits on my dark fantasy gamebook*, The Dawnless Valley. Hence the lack of reviews and articles.

*A gamebook is like a choose-your-own-adventure book but with RPG-like rules and mechanics. Typically, you create and customize your own character, acquire items, and there’s usually some sort of combat resolution mechanic.

I’ve been working on this book for over a year after having dabbled in gamebooks before then. It’s been a long, informative process, and great practice for my writing.

To download the current beta, follow the link below. I’ve provided a questionnaire, which you can answer via email (all the information is in the file).

I look forward to hearing from you!

A dead elven empire.
A valley buried under mist.
Lost treasures waiting to be plundered.
And a king who would kill the sun.

The Dawnless Valley Beta

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