Update: Projects and Reviews

Posts have been light lately; I’ve been very focused on work. And yesterday, I had a bit of website work to do because I upgraded my account and I now have a real domain! There are a few other things I get with the upgrade, but the domain is the biggest.

The Dawnless Valley Playtest

Feedback thus far has been great. Over the course of making this game, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response and number of playtesters. I think the book is nearing completion!

Dusk Comes to Castle Túrrea

This is where most of my attention has been the past week. I’ve edited it to the best of my current abilities. As much as I want to hold onto it and continue editing, it will take time and practice to improve my writing before there’s anything all that meaningful I can do to this story. At some point, you have to stop holding your stories hostage and submit. So, this will be going out, and hopefully someone will think it’s worth publishing!

Black Bones

My next story I’ve been working on is still an early draft but will be ready for early critique soon. It’s a speculative fiction/horror story, about 3.5k words.


Shogun, the book I’m still reading, is super long. I’m well into it, far enough that I could have finished another novel, or two short ones, by this point. On top of that, being busy with other projects has slowed my reading. So this one will have to come later. I’ll try to get something up this coming week though, just to make up for lost time.


Lastly, I still plan to have an article sharing my thoughts on Symbaroum, and I’ll probably be doing a campaign update on my Warhammer game, mostly because these two articles should be quick and easy to put together.

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