Warhammer Fantasy RP 2nd Edition Campaign Part 2

For those who missed it, I previously wrote an article about Warhammer Fantasy RP 2nd Edition that included a summary of the play-by-forum campaign I’ve been running for over 2 years now. You can find part 1 here: https://thomaspking.com/2020/09/07/role-playing-warhammer-fantasy-rpg-2nd-edition/ Where we left off, the party was rushing to protect the count of Wurtbad who hadContinue reading “Warhammer Fantasy RP 2nd Edition Campaign Part 2”

Role-playing: Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition

It’s been a busy week, so I don’t have a proper review of anything at the moment. Instead, I figured I’d take a moment to highlight an RPG I enjoy that I’ve been running for almost 2 years. Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer Fantasy started as a tabletop wargame pitching fantasy races against one another. If you’veContinue reading “Role-playing: Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition”