Board Game Session Report: Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game (part 1)

I’ve been meaning to get this to the table for a while. Haven’t played in years and never actually finished the campaign. Boy, I forgot how dreadful the rules are. Utterly disorganized, often vague, and sometimes just neglectful. And some rules only appear in the learn-to-play guide, not the reference book! And a typical, poorContinue reading “Board Game Session Report: Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game (part 1)”

Recent Solo Board Games

I haven’t really had time to write up a lot of session reports lately, so here’s a quick look at some recent solo plays I’ve had. Vindication I actually played solitaire before playing multiplayer (didn’t have patience to wait!). I stuck to the simpler solo mode, one of two available in the first expansion. IContinue reading “Recent Solo Board Games”

Board Game Review: Vindication

10/10 A perfect blend of theme and strategy You are a scumbag thrown overboard by your shipmates. After washing ashore on a strange island, you must explore and regain your honor. Vindication has been on my radar since the first Kickstarter campaign, but I’ve never had money while it was going. My friend acquired aContinue reading “Board Game Review: Vindication”