Board Game Session: Untitled Adventure/RPG Card Game Playtest

Due to some technical issues forcing me to wait on finishing the next update to my solo RPG, Winds of the North, I decided to return to working on an adventure card game I’ve been working on (off and on) for almost 4 years. I normally work on an update to the game, playtest itContinue reading “Board Game Session: Untitled Adventure/RPG Card Game Playtest”

Book Review: The Ritual by Adam Nevill

6/10 Early promise let down by the last third A group of friends tries to reconnect by going on a hike through the Swedish wilderness. But after becoming lost, they are stalked by an unknown creature. Story I normally avoid spoilers, but the last paragraph of this section discusses spoilers for the novel. Skip theContinue reading “Book Review: The Ritual by Adam Nevill”

Board Game First Impressions: Merchants of the Dark Road

I recently borrowed and played (and opened; it’s a long story) my friend’s copy of MotDR. Played solo and 2-player so far. Unboxing My friend requested that I double-check the components. Everything is accounted for (and 2 extra blue dice!). It’s a bit disappointing that there’s no insert and it only comes with 5 baggies,Continue reading “Board Game First Impressions: Merchants of the Dark Road”