Winds of the North Update v0.5.2 and Session Reports

Today is a big update for WotN. I’ve been hard at work adding and reworking several aspects of the game. Many clarifications (all highlighted in yellow). A few new rules also highlight in yellow. Advice for first play. Improved formatting; especially Exploration tables. Many other “tables” now exist (such as Caves). Hunting is expanded andContinue reading “Winds of the North Update v0.5.2 and Session Reports”

Winds of the North Playtest Session pt3 (Eyjolf, Fall, Year 1)

Part 1: SpringPart 2: Summer Previously, Eyjolf went on his first Raid and didn’t do too bad. Between some sales and his share of the plunder, he earned 35 silver. For his End of Month event, he was visited by a house spirit and rewarded with Happiness and Recovery Points. But the fall harvest looms,Continue reading “Winds of the North Playtest Session pt3 (Eyjolf, Fall, Year 1)”

Session Report: Stars Wars Outer Rim

My brother and I like a variety of games, and one type we look for is good sandbox-y adventure games. We have a few but have also passed on some. The genre is full of sloppy concepts. Though I really like Merchants & Marauders, it can be brutal. When Outer Rim was announced, I wasContinue reading “Session Report: Stars Wars Outer Rim”

Session Report/First Impression: Yedo Deluxe

Years ago, I bought the original Yedo first edition from Pandasaurus and Eggertspiele. I didn’t get to play it much because my brother didn’t like how difficult the game was. I finally got to play more when we started playing with a regular group (which is just 3 of us most of the time). IContinue reading “Session Report/First Impression: Yedo Deluxe”

Winds of the North Playtest Session pt2 (Eyjolf, Summer, Year 1)

Part 1: Spring When last we saw Eyjolf, he had built the Smokehouse and made a nice Discovery to add to his map. He had stockpiled some Wood but still needs Iron for the Smithy. And he had been debating whether to join in the Summer Raids or stay home and perhaps do more Exploring.Continue reading “Winds of the North Playtest Session pt2 (Eyjolf, Summer, Year 1)”

Winds of the North Playtest Session (Eyjolf, Spring, Year 1)

I’ve playtested Winds of the North a handful of times already at various stages of its development. But it’s been a while since a good chunk of what I’ve been working on this past few weeks was mostly writing encounters and cleaning up the rules so hopefully, someone who isn’t the designer can understand howContinue reading “Winds of the North Playtest Session (Eyjolf, Spring, Year 1)”

Winds of the North Playtesting Begins!

It’s taken a while, but the first beta for Winds of the North is ready. Most of the game is in a good state, but there are some areas not yet finished. Still, there should be more than enough for playtesting. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing updates that add more while also fixingContinue reading “Winds of the North Playtesting Begins!”

Winds of the North Preview 5: History and Folklore

Winds of the North is an upcoming solo Viking gamebook. It features sandbox gameplay with a mix of adventure and farm management. Each week, until open playtesting begins, I’ll be sharing a preview of the mechanics and features. Catch up on past articles:AnnouncementPreview 1: Core MechanismPreview 2: Time and SeasonsPreview 3: Life on the FarmPreview 4:Continue reading “Winds of the North Preview 5: History and Folklore”