Winds of the North Update v0.5.2 and Session Reports

Today is a big update for WotN. I’ve been hard at work adding and reworking several aspects of the game.

  • Many clarifications (all highlighted in yellow).
  • A few new rules also highlight in yellow.
  • Advice for first play.
  • Improved formatting; especially Exploration tables. Many other “tables” now exist (such as Caves).
  • Hunting is expanded and overhauled. Build traps and hunt specific animals.
  • Several new encounters to help fill in some of those blanks (many more to go, though).
  • Improved character sheets. Functionally the same, you can continue using your previous character sheets or record the info onto the new sheets.
  • Other minor tweaks and improvements.

Session Reports

In addition, there have been more session reports.

Ejyolf continues his adventures and misadventures. See how he fares in his first year’s fall.
Part 3: Fall

Gorm struggles his way through spring and summer. Will he survive?
Part 1
Part 2

Vigdis was having a fair time farming and hunting until she faces a troll-born warrior. Who wins the epic battle? Was it even epic?
Part 1

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