Update: Upcoming Reviews, Writing, RPG Contest

Just a quick update on some things coming up for October.

Movie Reviews

I used to write movie reviews several years ago on an MMO website used by my friends and me, usually just short rants/thoughts on horror movies. Now that I have my own website and have been filling it with other reviews, I thought I’d throw in some movie reviews.

My brother and I have a tradition of watching horror movies during October. We have some favorites we watch each year and explore new movies as well. Our first movie this year was The Lighthouse. I think I’d want to watch this a second time before tackling a review; it’s A24 films so it’s a dense, subtle movie that rewards repeat viewings. Last night, we watched The House of the Devil which is the opposite. That review will probably come Friday as my current read, James Clavell’s Shogun, is massive and I’m not likely to finish by Friday.

Writing Update

My short stories have finished their respective rounds of critique. Last Light Out will need some re-working, but Dusk Comes to Castle Túrrea received a great deal of positive feedback. I’ll be working on the revision this week, then likely open beta reading next week. If you have interest in fantasy short stories, keep an eye out!

RPG Contest

Over on RPGGeek, there’s a yearly 24-Hour Design contest going where the challenge is to design an RPG in a 24-hour period. I’ve already designed and entered a game, and the process was a ton of fun. I’m pretty pleased with the result, even though it’s still basically a rough draft. It’s called Premonitions, and it’s an investigative, solitaire RPG in a weird cyberpunk style setting. All entries into the contest have to be in by Nov. 13th. I have no clue how well I will fair; I still worry about being disqualified on an overlooked technicality!

For anyone interested, here is the thread detailing the contest: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2513447/announcing-2020-24-hour-rpg-contest

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