Updates: 2-6-2021


Latest review for The Name of the Wind is up. Seems to have flown under the algorithm radar. Coming up soon-ish will be my first review for Reedsy’s Discovery. I’m also in a game of Savage Worlds RPG, so that will be the next first impressions. At some point, I might do a review of Warhammer Fantasy RP 2nd Edition, though we’ve not finished a campaign, we’ve played it for over two years.


A part of being in the Discovery team is opening an account to take donations. Since WordPress has the option of including donations on the website, connecting to the same account, I’ve added a donation button to the front page (and the donations box towards the bottom of the front page). I doubt I’ll earn enough to pay for editing, but even a few bucks can buy a used book. Every dollar is greatly appreciated.

Page Updates

I finally changed the layout of the book review page into a more readable list that includes the cover and cleaner links. I’m very happy with how it came out and will probably change the other lists to fit this format.


My short story with the ever-changing title is finished and back in submissions. It’s now The Túrrea Executions. I’m confident I can get it published, it’s just a matter of finding the right place.

The Dawnless Valley is done. At least, it’s as done as I can make it on my own (with the help of many playtesters, of course). I’ll be looking for places to send this, aiming at game publishers first. Worst case scenario, I have to release it myself, but DriveThruRPG looks to be a great place for self-publishing a game like this. They even have good, affordable print-on-demand options.

I’ll probably be back to Black Bones after this, as I have some really good ideas for the next revision. I’ll probably also work on another, smaller gamebook that I’ve been planning for a while. This one would be self-published on DriveThruRPG, it’s a pretty small game that I messed with to work out some of the process for making gamebooks.

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