Updates: 3-21-2021


Latest review was Trollslayer, book 1 in the Gotrek & Felix series. I have a thing for starting series that I don’t own everything for, but at least for the Gotrek & Felix series, I have several omnibuses with 3 novels each. On top of that, I’ve started The Last Kingdom, book 1 in the Saxon Tales series. I’ll definitely need more of that series. Coming up will be part 3 of my Valheim first impressions, which will likely be the last of Valheim for a while as I’ve finished what the game has for the time.



The Túrrea Executions and The Dawnless Valley are both still out on submissions. I’ve found some really good places to submit both, but it’s up in the air if they will be accepted. There are plenty more places to submit short stories, but I’m worried about The Dawnless Valley. Gamebooks are still very niche and there’s almost nowhere to take them. Most seem to be self-published.

Short Fiction

In the mean time, I’ve put Black Bones aside for now. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence, but I’m not sure there’s enough there right now. I’ve returned to a re-write of an older story, temporarily called The King’s Vessel. It’s a dark, gas lamp fantasy story in a setting I’ve been working on. Gas lamp fantasy is basically Victorian Era fantasy but without the Steam Punk elements (Dracula being a good example).


For a gamebook, I’ve been inspired to return to a Viking sandbox game (somewhat in the style of Barbarian Prince and The Drifter) I had started maybe a year ago? It was only some messy notes, but I took what I learned from working on The Dawnless Valley and Premonitions to start over, and after a few days, I already have a playable version (though incomplete in the mid and late game).

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