Winds of the North Update v0.7


It’s finally here! There’s a lot to unpack in this update, so here’s a rundown of all the changes and additions.


  • Rewards for Encounters have been re-balanced.
  • Item costs have been re-balanced. Ships also now require Hide.

Rune-stones and the Rune-smith

  • Old crafted rune-stones have been replaced.
  • New Basic Building: Private Temple, it has room for a rune-stone (below Fields and Buildings on the character sheet).
  • Rune-smith Hirð replaced with Shaman (+1 to animal sacrifice rolls). Rune-smith is now a Service at the market. Pay to commission a rune-stone dedicated to a Norse God for your Private Temple.
  • New Slaughter Animal option to sacrifice only one animal for a bonus at your Private Temple (with a rune-stone). Bonus depends on which Norse God you worship.

Revised Warband rules

  • You now choose which Hirðmenn are included in the Warband, and only those in the Warband provide +1 Attack during combat.
  • Damage taken during combat is now Warband damage and you can split it between all members of the Warband (and yourself) as you see fit. Especially deadly blows, however, force damage on a member of the Warband, so be careful who you bring into combat.

Other changes and additions

  • New Animal. Chicken. 6 silver, produces 1 Food. Slaughter for 1 Food. Inexpensive animal good for cheap sacrifices.
  • Several new Encounters (and some have been moved for more consistent difficulty and reward).
  • Seasons and Activity quick reference added to the back.
  • Revised Banners. They provide re-rolls instead of +1 to a Skill.
  • Rules to advance your character to playtest later content.
  • You can now equip your Hirðmenn with Items.
  • You now begin with a Companion Hirð member. They have no bonus but can equip any one item. The bonus is still only +1, but they aren’t limited to what kind of item they can equip.

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