Winds of the North v0.8 Release

For those new to WotN, it’s a sandbox RPG/Gamebook set in Viking Age Scandinavia where you’ll make your own character and begin a campaign to become a King or Queen over the course of multiple in-game years. There have been several previews that detail more about the various mechanics and activities there are. Below are the updates for v0.8.


  • Milk & Shear now Tend Livestock. Slaughter Animals is now Slaughter Livestock for consistency.
  • New item: Feed (1s for 2). You can spend Feed for bonuses when Tending Livestock.
  • Harvest: Can convert Food into Feed (1=2).
  • Equipment slots: You have 2 hand slots, chest, head, cloak, banner.
  • All other items, including Tools, are placed into Storage and no longer need to be equipped.
  • Storage begins at 10, each Shed adds 5 to a max of 25. All items of the same kind can stack (including weapons/armor). Storage expanded to hold more information.
  • Combat Overhaul
  • Weapons deal D2 or D4 damage. Divide the D8 result by 4 or 2, rounding down. Starting weapon: Seax. 1 DMG, 1-H.
  • Armor Points. Repair with Craft or Services at the Market.
  • Voyages simplified. Shipmasters removed.
  • A Voyage costs 2 Food, 1 Meat, or 1 Preserved Meat for Coastal activities, 2 Preserved Meat for Sea activities.
  • Revised Trade: Foreign Trade Requests
  • Rearranged character sheets.
  • Can now name Hirðmenn
  • Map is removed (lacked function and took up space).
  • Population space added to Character Sheet: The total number of people you must feed each month. Yourself, the Household, and your Hirðmenn.
  • At Festival Feasts, describe how things have been progressing on your farm. Each description goes to a unique entry with a different effect.
  • Summer Festival = Miðsumar Festival
  • Spring Festival = Sigrblót Festival
  • Seasons= Early Summer, Late Summer, Early Winter, Late Winter
  • Late Winter: Consume 4 Wood at the end of every Month or 1-3 people get sick.
  • New Log Sheets with space for more information.
  • Improved Resource Track and tokens.
  • Full-page lists for Build, Craft, Markets
  • All tables and lists that were 8-point font have increased in font size for readability
  • Random name tables
  • Re-balanced Seeds (cheaper for most, improved Wheat)
  • New Activity: Leisure. Relax at home to increase Happiness. Useful during bad Weather if you don’t want to risk going out and have little to do at home. New items for Leisure.

Playtesting Period: Oct 15th-Nov 15th

If you would like to support me and my work (namely, keeping the website up), all donations are greatly appreciated.


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