Winds of the North v0.8.2 Release

After several days of jury duty and other distractions, I’ve been back to Winds of the North to finish the update. Unfortunately, the program I use doesn’t seem to be supported anymore, and there was one bug that was never fixed in the retail version: PDF exports don’t have the text preserved, it gets converted to curves. This means the text that gets converted can’t be selected or searched. This bug is due to the Mac Catalina update. More annoying, having a copy for Mac doesn’t mean I can download the PC version, I would have to buy a Windows copy to use it on PC. So, for now, the PDF’s text is bugged. Hyperlinks still work.


  • Fame Events are done, including endings.
  • There are now 12 Fame Levels.
  • Encounters are finished and re-balanced.
  • Character sheets re-organized with a new page to fit much-requested features.
  • Re-balanced gathering Activities for more abundant resources.
  • Re-balanced Trade Requests.
  • Combat tweaks. Throwing Weapons simplified and you can no longer become invincible.
  • A variety of other tweaks and additions. Look for highlighted text to find what’s been changed or added.

As always, your feedback is welcome and encouraged. And if you find any broken links, typos, missed changes, layout problems, or other errors, please let me know.

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