Winds of the North v0.8.3 Release

It took a while to compile the feedback and implement the changes (also interrupted by a much-needed break), but the next update is here. It’s primarily small tweaks and balance changes with a couple of revised systems to help streamline the game. Here’s a look at the bigger and more notable changes/fixes/additions in 0.8.3.

  • New buildings. Settlement specialization and a Mead Hall.
  • Improved Table of Contents.
  • Storms have been streamlined for faster resolution.
  • Marked Crops now called Flourishing Crops.
  • Bookmarks cleaned up and re-added.
  • Sickness rules expanded and moved to the Rules.
  • Some minor reorganization. Moved character creation, swapped First Play Advice and Prologue, Advanced Rules now part of the main Rules.
  • Moved Ice-Skating to Leisure (otherwise unchanged).
  • Tasks reworked. There are new ones, and some improve if you meet additional requirements.
  • Byre now only applies to the 4 animals placed in it.
  • Starting Animals: 2 Goats and 1 Pig.
  • New streamlined chart for determining Late Winter Sickness.
  • Lose 3 Happiness anytime Household members or Hirðmenn die.
  • Several adjustments to Farm Mishap Events to improve how they scale over the course of the game.
  • No more free rewards when reaching certain levels of Fame.
  • Gain 1 Ancestral Spirit when sacrificing at your own Runestone.
  • Increased Year End taxes to 30 (up from 20).
  • Market fees slightly increased.
  • Some DEF bonuses have been reduced to AP bonuses. New Armor items.
  • Changed “ill” from Weather to Sick, now follows the Sickness rules.
  • You now have 4 Main slots for Equipment (Weapons, Shield, Banner), allowing you to carry multiple weapon sets.

Learn more or sign up for the playtesting!

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