Book Review: “The Bells of Old Tokyo” by Anna Sherman

9/10 Excellent, well-written; a book I would love to read again. This memoir stories Sherman’s search for a series of bells that used to operate around Tokyo many years ago, some of which still ring on schedule. The history of these bells goes back to when Tokyo was a much smaller city. Sherman’s goal isContinue reading “Book Review: “The Bells of Old Tokyo” by Anna Sherman”

Board Game Review: Scythe

7/10 A Solid game and enjoyable, though flawed. This is an update to my previous review where I had only played a few times at 2-player. I’ve now played it several times, mostly at 2, but also at 3 and 4. In an alternate world, warring factions use mechs to traverse the harsh landscape andContinue reading “Board Game Review: Scythe”

Book Review: “Warriors of the Storm” by Bernard Cornwell

7/10 A Solid medieval adventure; I look forward to reading through this series Medieval England is a land split into smaller kingdoms, and a pagan warrior, Uhtred, must defend Christian Saxon land against an invading army of his fellow pagans. Outnumbered, Uhtred relies on cunning and unexpected allies to turn the conflict in his favor.Continue reading “Book Review: “Warriors of the Storm” by Bernard Cornwell”

Book Review: “The Society of Steam, book 1: The Falling Machine” by Andrew P. Mayer

4/10 Very flawed, lacks polish and quality. In an alternate 1880, steam-powered super heroes, the Paragons, use their technology to fight crime and equally steam-powered villains. Sarah Stanton, a young woman, is denied becoming a hero but is the only one who can save the Paragons from destruction. The Falling Machine delivers its superhero premiseContinue reading “Book Review: “The Society of Steam, book 1: The Falling Machine” by Andrew P. Mayer”

Board Game Review: Chronicles of Frost

8/10 A game of strong mechanisms, enjoyable, and that appeals to my tastes. Played at 1, 2, and 3 players. Adventure into the frozen lands of Valskyrr where monsters roam and civilization is struggling to hold against the Mists. Chronicles of Frost from NSKN Games is a deck-building adventure game for 1-4 players. Players earnContinue reading “Board Game Review: Chronicles of Frost”

Book Review: “The Knight of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock

8/10 A very enjoyable classic of epic fantasy Corum is the Prince in the Scarlet Robe and belongs to an ancient race of people, the Vadhagh. Tragedy sets him on an epic adventure far from any lands he has ever known—in order to slay a god. The Corum books come from a distant era ofContinue reading “Book Review: “The Knight of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock”