Winds of the North Playtest Session pt4 (Eyjolf, Winter, Year 1)

Part 1: SpringPart 2: SummerPart 3: Fall Eyjolf enjoyed a successful Harvest thanks to his new Farmhand and Sickle. And after a brief combat, welcomed his Cousin into the Hirð. But some misfortune saw some wasted trips and early illness before the onset of Winter. And as soon as Winter started, our precious Horse died.Continue reading “Winds of the North Playtest Session pt4 (Eyjolf, Winter, Year 1)”

Winds of the North Playtest Session pt3 (Eyjolf, Fall, Year 1)

Part 1: SpringPart 2: Summer Previously, Eyjolf went on his first Raid and didn’t do too bad. Between some sales and his share of the plunder, he earned 35 silver. For his End of Month event, he was visited by a house spirit and rewarded with Happiness and Recovery Points. But the fall harvest looms,Continue reading “Winds of the North Playtest Session pt3 (Eyjolf, Fall, Year 1)”

Session Report: Stars Wars Outer Rim

My brother and I like a variety of games, and one type we look for is good sandbox-y adventure games. We have a few but have also passed on some. The genre is full of sloppy concepts. Though I really like Merchants & Marauders, it can be brutal. When Outer Rim was announced, I wasContinue reading “Session Report: Stars Wars Outer Rim”

Session Report/First Impression: Yedo Deluxe

Years ago, I bought the original Yedo first edition from Pandasaurus and Eggertspiele. I didn’t get to play it much because my brother didn’t like how difficult the game was. I finally got to play more when we started playing with a regular group (which is just 3 of us most of the time). IContinue reading “Session Report/First Impression: Yedo Deluxe”

Winds of the North Playtest Session pt2 (Eyjolf, Summer, Year 1)

Part 1: Spring When last we saw Eyjolf, he had built the Smokehouse and made a nice Discovery to add to his map. He had stockpiled some Wood but still needs Iron for the Smithy. And he had been debating whether to join in the Summer Raids or stay home and perhaps do more Exploring.Continue reading “Winds of the North Playtest Session pt2 (Eyjolf, Summer, Year 1)”

Winds of the North Playtest Session (Eyjolf, Spring, Year 1)

I’ve playtested Winds of the North a handful of times already at various stages of its development. But it’s been a while since a good chunk of what I’ve been working on this past few weeks was mostly writing encounters and cleaning up the rules so hopefully, someone who isn’t the designer can understand howContinue reading “Winds of the North Playtest Session (Eyjolf, Spring, Year 1)”

Board Game First Impressions: AuZstralia

I was interested when this was first released, but the more I play Wallace games, the more interested I am in trying his other titles. The Cthulhu theme has been hit or miss for me. But the way AuZtralia handles it feels very different. The Game Martin Wallace certainly seems to have some hallmarks. TheContinue reading “Board Game First Impressions: AuZstralia”

Frostgrave Sessions pt 3

Here is the final part in my home-brewed solo campaign of Frostgrave. Some other solo games took my attention, and as the release of Frostgrave’s official solo rules loomed, I decided to shelve mine for the time. Final session of Frostgrave, Feb 2019. Session Report Due to a canceled game session, I had some timeContinue reading “Frostgrave Sessions pt 3”

Frostgrave Sessions pt 2

We continue our low-budget campaign, this time borrowing pieces from a board game, Descent 2nd Edition. I also continue to tweak my home-brewed solo rules. The session from Jan 2019: Back to the frozen city! There were some further updates from last game. I decided to give the magic weapon I found to my wizardContinue reading “Frostgrave Sessions pt 2”

Frostgrave Sessions pt 1

It’s winter (for some of us), and though it’s not snowing, I thought I’d share some Frostgrave session reports. Frostgrave is a skirmish tabletop miniatures game, or specifically, the rules for one, and the second edition came out this year. You can play with any miniatures you own and even your own terrain. Though overContinue reading “Frostgrave Sessions pt 1”